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Ranking on the first page has had a profound impact on our partner Kaban Montessori School’s.

From no calls to waiting list.  Find out how below…

Case Study

Project Name: Kaban Montessori
Industry: Education
Ranked and Stayed On First Page Since: July 2017
Skills Used : SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, Videography

The Business

Kaban Montessori School is an accredited Montessori School that believes every child benefits from having an education which focuses on their individual strengths and needs. Their classrooms are designed to provide a nurturing environment for children, and their teachers work hard to deliver that experience to each child.

“We had an amazing designer redesign our new website for us.It looks very nice and modern. However,it was not ranking for search results.So,no one would be able to really see our website and get to know our business when people searched for it on Google”


Increase In Conversions


Before any optimization was done for Kaban,their website had 164 organic visits, and close to 3,000-page views in a month. Their CTR (Click-through rate) was 1.67% and only 35 of all impressions generated clicks.

Kaban started seeing results 3 months after our SEO efforts. The number of monthly traffic to their site nearly doubled, from 278 to 425.They saw a growth of +339% in the number of clicks from impressions, and their click-through rate increased by +40ppts.Their organic visits and number of page views in a month increased by 61% and 29%, respectively.

Our leads continue to grow. We give more tours and have more phone calls inquiring about our school than before. By having Prymal Digital managing our SEO and Social Media Channels for us, it gives us more time to focus on our customers and students. They offer a fantastic service and always goes out of the way to help us. We have peace of mind that we are in the right hands and that Web Works Labs are taking care of us to help our School grow.”

By having Web Worx Labs manage our SEo and Social Media Channels for us,we have more time to focus on our customers and students.’

– Karla Escobedo, Director

The Challege

Before Partnering with Web Worx Labs,Kaban was having a hard time
getting calls and leads to their school. They wanted to have more parents
call them to register their children at Kaban.  To help them move forward,
they decided to take a step toward their goal by completely redesigning
their old website to a more modern, clean one. Still, they struggled to get
those calls from parents. The main problem was that their newly redesigned
website was not getting discovered online.

This is where Prymal Digital came in.  They gave us exactly what we needed to make sure we don’t only have a beautiful website, but it is a powerful marketing tool. We purchased the Standard SEO Monthly Package and the Gold Social Media Management Package. The results so far are amazing.  We loved the fact that we could rank from page 20 even after a full resdesign to the first page of Google for our targeted keywords within 5 months!”

– Blanca Sanchez – Director

Kaban Montessori School

Our Partnership Continues…

Understanding their unique needs, we stepped into help. After listening to the clients needs, we determined that the best course of action to achieve the clients goals was to help them rank higher in search engine results.

We started by analyzing their website to figure out where optimization was needed.  This included optimizing images, title and meta tags and meta de-scriptions. In addition to optimizing their website itself, their domain authority
and trust needed a boost, so we worked on building citations, backlinks, and getting them reviews.

This SEO had two purposes:

Ensure their website is optimized and ready to be crawled by search engine bots. Secondly, for Kaban’s website to rank higher in search results and
be visible to users in the market for businesses just like theirs.

However, the work did not end here. The client’s main goal, to get more calls, still needed to be met, and that’s not achieved by simply having your website at the top of search results. In order to generate conversions online, yourwebsite has to encourage visitors to the site to perform a desirable action, like calling your business. So, we made modifications on the design of the site including a simplified navigation menu, we also added a clear button for easy contact, and a meta description that allows for a higher clicks.  Additionally,we implemented a pop-up subscription box to entice visitors to stay connected to the business. To further enhance Kaban’s SEO,and help them get more calls,we suggested they establish a solid presence on social media. This not only helps their SEO, but it also generates referrals to their business and keeps their existing customer engaged.

“To this day, Kaban Montessori School is one of of Prymal Digital’s longest standing partners with over a 5 year partnership.  We continue to ensure their website and digital presense generates leads and tours for interested parents day in day out with our commitment to true partnership. “

Usman Sheikh, CEO


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