Client Appreciation

“A fantastic app and experience showcasing our patented technology in a unique way.  It was well received both from internal stakeholders (sales team and executive team) and was a WOW factor at our major event in November 2019!”
-VP of Marketing – Feroze Merchant

-Midas Safety

Case Study

Project Name: Midas Safety
Industry: PPE
Completed & Launched:  October 2019
Expertise Showcase: Augmented Reality Mobile Application, Marketing & Design

The Challenge

Our team was assigned the task of designing, developing, and delivering an augmented reality application for Midas Safety in only 6 weeks. We had to use Augmented Reality to demonstrate the patented Midas Safety KTCR Technology Glove. The application was supposed to be engaging to the users. Midas Safety’s branding team wanted an app that would deliver real-time experience and showed useful information related to their product.Also wanted an app that would build upon existing capabilities and is scalable for extensions.

The Undertaking

From thoroughly reviewing the entire app to developing it from scratch – Prymal Digital ensured quality and success for Midas Safety. Our application proved to be no less than stunning. It provided fantastic user experience – the elements of the Safety app made it smooth, fast, responsive, and flexible, which means – anyone could run it on both IOS and Android. Our expertise and careful review laid the foundation of the application we designed and developed with a careful eye towards instant primal connection and keeping an eye on the buyers journey. Their milestones, scope, application goals, timeline, and expectations were met with flying colors.

The Present of AR Application: Empowering Brands
To Win Tours

Augmented reality is the future of brand. At Prymal Digital, we believe in exploring new opportunities for brands. This technological process of developing the Midas Safety App based on AR technology is our commitment to using the latest technologies, research to really help our partners stand out.

We had a vision in mind, which was to deliver such an experience that will surpass Midas Safety’s expectations and make sure that their goals are achieved.

Diving into a new technology seemed intimidating in the beginning. But after we divided the approach and knowledge and took small steps and kept the client in the loop each step of the way, we were able to take a very tough project with a tight timeline. Our passion in creating beautiful digital journeys allows to working collaboratively in seemless way. We took our time in understanding the brand “Midas Safety” – we did the competitor analysis – we wandered the market of SDKs and platforms to find the perfect one for Midas Safety Application. Experts at Prymal Digital knew how to make 3D models, so they started working on the product that was featured in the application. Furthermore, we worked on creating a unique design – prepared all the 3D models, pictures, text, files, and data. Finally, we combined all the elements, and the Midas Safety Application was born.

“Everyday, more people use their mobile devices to get new levels of information, entertainment and expereinces.  We needed to design and develop such a buyers journey via mobile app that is delivering an immersive experience to users, yet it is unique and still engaging.  It allows the end consumer to have WOW moment that will form deep impressions about Midas Safety’s brand as a leader in the PPE industry and its commitment to technology. We wanted to deliver a beautiful but simple safety message of Midas at a glance – & that is just what we did.” – Usman Sheikh,  CEO Prymal Digital.

The Road to Success

After delivering every project we believe in letting our client’s appreciation make the noise. As digital marketers that are brand focused and commited to making instintual connections, we put a lot of passion in our campaigns or projects. The road to success in Midas Safety’s case is another great example.

With every project successfully delivered, we reach new levels of understanding and mastery in digital based marketing journeys.

With the success of this project, we have continued our partnership with Midas Safety, with a full partnership that covers Social Media, SEO, Design, Research and so much more.


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