What Are Display Ads

Display ads, in essence, are graphical or textual representations displayed in banner ads on assigned areas within websites and social media platforms. Banner ads can be entirely textual, but it’s always a wise call to use videos, images, and other costly media types to increase the advertisement’s appeal.
Through Display advertising, brands and individuals monetize their traffic by providing ad space to promoters and advertisers. Advertisers get their promotions displayed alongside the content.
Banners can be of different shapes and sizes; it depends on the intent of the advertisement and the extent allowed by the ad network. Our track record and long-term partnerships have given us the edge to design your ads to perfection dedicated to your intended target audience

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Brand Awareness

The initial step for any brand is to get their name out, i.e., brand awareness. Banners ads and other forms of display ads can make that happen.

The aim of this campaign is not to secure a sale. Instead, it’s to get the people talking. Your campaign reach is broad, and the time put on this campaign also needs to be stretched, end of the day you need to reach as many relevant people as possible and get them interested in your product or service.


Gaining new leads, clients, customers, traffic, through Display advertisements can be quite a challenging. You have to find the right audience and allocate a reasonable budget. Without proper guidance, you may spend a considerable amount with next to no results.
There is tug of competition in the market, and people also have Ad-Blockers on their devices, you have to fight for a competitive advertising space, which is very costly. We at Prymal Digital can get your ads pass Adblockers, targeted to your potential audience at feasible rates with huge returns.


This campaign retargets to people who have shown interest in your offerings at an earlier time but did not make the call to action. Let’s consider it in this manner, a customer adds a w few things to his cart but does not check it out for some reason.
You can target the customer in question with a sale banner or a banner for free delivery. If the campaign objectives are adequately handled, backed with a strong strategy, you can easily convert your potential leads to end-users.


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