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Brand Logos, a visual representation

A logo is not just a pretty visual of your brand. It plays a much bigger role; a logo encompasses your business’s identity. A companies’ logo acts as an initial impression for customers. Though a small image but a logo if attractive can lead a customer to look further. Your business’s website, social media accounts, business cards all have your logo
standing out, and if this logo is flawed, there is a chance you may lose out on making that connection with your target audience.

A picture speaks a thousand words

A logo portrays your identity’s essence. A logo needs to have particular fonts, colors, and shapes which define what you do and what you stand for. Prymal digital’ in-house graphic designers along with our dedicated marketing team ensure that your logo represents your business in an utmost manner.

New York Logo Design Company

What makes a logo stand out

Consider all the brands that you are well aware of. Brands such as Mc Donald or Coco-Cola, Pepsi, etc. What about their logos? All big brands have had minor amendments to their original logos, but the overall picture has stayed the same. Their logos distinguish them from the rest and allowed them to form the right impressions, and evoke emotions that have stood the test of time.

Eye Catching

A logo should be simple yet elegant. Simple logos stand out and can easily be recognized. They are eye-catching and provide uniqueness to the brand they represent.


A logo should be memorable. A simple design is often is harder to come up with than something elaborate. Its about strking the right balance.


A logo should not be perishable; it should be designed to surpass all-time constraints.


A logo needs to be versatile and responsive. The design of the logo should not be affected if the device is different. A logo should maintain its true form on portrait as well as landscape mode.

To ensure your brand speaks to your target audience, you need to define all your key branding
elements, conduct research that will act as our guide in the design process.

Also consider Brand Research & Discovery solutions if you have not defined your brand in a
well laid out format.

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