What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform.

It allows users to share visually and discover new interests. You can post images or videos on their wall (boards).

You can also browse what other users have pinned.

Finding ideas to cook delicious recipes, decorate homes, inspire styles have never been more accessible.

There are billions of pins or images on Pinterest.

Moreover, you can save the pins you love and keep your inspirations organized so that you can find them easily.

Pinterest Shop by Pinterest

An Interesting Way of Branding on Pinterest

Pinterest Shop was launched on 30th Nov 2019.

Pinterest Shop has a new dashboard that will showcase the brand profiles and products in an Etsy style fashion.

Currently, the shop consists of 17 different small businesses that make and sell their goods.

They have uploaded their product catalogs on Pinterest, which were automatically turned into Product pins.

The core concept of designing the Pinterest shop is that Pinterest knows that the visual platform it has is being used by people to generate ideas.

They took the concept forward by designing the Pinterest shop.

If the people can generate ideas/get inspired by the visuals this platform offers, they can also decide to make the purchase.

The Pinterest shop offers users to browse through a selection of products from small businesses.

Pinterest has kept the classic Pinterest interface intact for the users so that they may not face any difficulties.

The ability to showcase a brand on Pinterest will drive sales amazingly.

Other Social Media Platforms

Other social media platforms are also launching shopping experiences. The platforms are based on the unique interests of the audience.

Instagram, for example, launched a curated collection of products. Last year’s top trending apps inspired the design.

In Other News

TikTok has gained popularity. The app team is now working hard to capitalize on their success.

New adoptions and tools are being designed and tested to meet the requirements of brands.

One specific option introduced by TikTok is a self-serve ad platform.

Some businesses already have access to this new feature via a beta. However, it is still in development.

TikTok is rolling out to a broader audience. In contrast to this, the platform has posted an overview of the adoptions that will be available soon.

The overview consists of a brief explanation of how you can use it, how it will work, followed by a few visual examples of your ad tools.