Facebook made it easier for advertisers this year by introducing three amazing ad reporting tools.

They can measure ad performance on all domains, i.e., Accounts, channels, and publishers.

Facebook created this tool to assist the advertisers as something was missing related to analyzing the performance of a campaign. This tool filled the gap.

With this new tool, advertisers can have a better idea of the performance of ads. They can know where their ads are performing better. 

They can see where most conversations are coming. Also, they can now see the reach of the demographics.

Tool #1: Multiple/Cross-Account Reporting

Multiple or cross-account reporting, the name itself tells the story. Now, advertisers have the option of viewing ads from multiple accounts in one place.

The data such as reach, impressions, conversions, clicks, engagements, and more can be monitored easily — no need to open different tabs or browsers.

This platform is your one-stop for all the information you need, plus, you will get a clear and concise report of the performance of your business.

In this way, you will save time that was previously spent on building reports manually. 

Did we forgot to mention that “You can build your custom metrics to track the valuable data”? 

Let’s get on to the next heading then!

Tool #2: Facebook Custom Metrics

Shout out to the advertisers out there; now, you have the options of building your custom metrics.

You can now track the data you care about the most through which you can create your reports.

Tool #3 Conversion Path Reporting

To give advertisers insight into what their potential buyer was searching for and what were the interactions he made before making the final purchases, Facebook has introduced “Conversion Path Reporting.”

Conversion Path Reporting will allow advertisers to study the publisher in a more detailed way.

They will be able to monitor what their publisher has been searching for on all channels and devices.

Long story short, advertisers now know where the traffic is coming.

In a study, Facebook found that the majority of shoppers who wanted to buy holiday gifts took inspiration from different channels as they went from online to banners to television.

This research analysis was named an “Algorithm” that customers followed before making the purchase. By Conversion Path Reporting, you can analyze and capitalize on this by identifying the most impactful conversion paths.

Facebooks know that cross channel reporting and analysis will be a priority for marketers. However, Facebook will continuously try to make conversion path reporting better.

Wait, we are not done yet; learn about the most downloaded applications in 2019. Yeah! We have a discussion on this topic in this blog too.

Facebook Has the Most App’s Download Count In 2019

Facebook has hit a record of the most downloaded applications in 2019. Four of our five most downloaded application positions go to Facebook.

With a download count estimated to be more than 100 billion, Facebook stands on top. Let it be on IOS or Android; Facebook had taken over the market in 2019.

However, the download count has increased by 5% since the last year.

The top 5 most downloaded application of 2019 are:

  • Facebook.
  • WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Facebook Messenger.
  • Instagram.
  • TikTok.

These downloads do not count the reinstalling counts but the new downloads.