Let’s get it straight; most of the websites are gaining traffic through blogs. 

If your blog is informative, concise, quality-wise perfect, and approved by Google, better get prepared for high traffic.

However, here is the catch! On Twitter, your post is limited to 280 characters. 

This approach sets Twitter apart from social giants like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Also, there was a time when too many fake accounts were found on Twitter. 

The company had to shut down millions of accounts, causing the user rate to fall drastically. 

But they still have a high user rate that has increased as of 2019.

The point is, how can you bring/increase followers on Twitter? 

Are you concerned? Well, don’t worry cause in this blog, we will discuss the tools you can use to increase your followers on Twitter.

Let’s start!

1. Owlead Value Proposition

Are you searching for a tool specially designed to increase Twitter followers?

Why don’t you try Owlead!

This tool will get you real Twitter followers, and by real, we are referring to the audience who is interested in your service, product, or business.

The platform works by categorizing and filtering the right audience. 

It extracts the most valuable account, matches to your preferred audience, and gives you elite followers.

Owlead’s algorithm filters your audience in the following way:

  • It searches for keywords in the Twitter user’s bio.
  • It Matches similar or local languages.
  • It analyzes the geographic location of the audience.
  • Owlead separates gender on interest bases.

After this, Owlead will now automatically follow/unfollow 50 Twitter accounts each day.

Owlead also gives you an option to notify the platform of an industry leader. Yes! You can reach out to their audience too.

Moreover, Owlead provides insights, demographics, and interests of your targeted audience. 

You can understand your audience better than ever now!

2. Hootsuite Marketing Tool

This blog would be incomplete without Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool. Marketers recognize it all over the world.

Hootsuite gives you a handy option; that is; You can manage different social media platforms in one place.

This robust feature sets Hootsuite apart from others of the same kind.

You can save much time using Hootsuite.

Moreover, Hootsuite is great for agencies and firms. They can manage social media platforms in one place without the hassle.

Coming to the point, Hootsuite will enable you to manage your Twitter account by monitoring conversions, track lists, and you can grow your audience.

It manages your account in the following ways:

  • Hootsuite schedules tweets.
  • It monitors the content that brings the most traffic.

Hootsuite itself publishes blogs and guides on how you can increase your Twitter followers using Hootsuite.

3. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is designed for small businesses. 

Crowdfire has a very user-friendly interface and a mobile application that you can use anywhere at any time. 

Crowdfire, the name itself tells the whole story. You can manage up to 10 social media accounts if you opt for the premium plan. 

It is quite affordable too.

In 2018, Crowdfire introduced a tool called “Mentions.”

Using Mentions, comments and replies notifications will automatically be sent to your inbox.

Moreover, other features of Crowdfire are:

  • You can schedule several posts at the same time.
  • You have the option of adding and managing team members.
  • Crowdfire enables you to reply to comments within the app.

In Crowdfire, you can also see the analytic insights and progress of your posts.

4. Tweepi (Artificial Intelligence)

You might’ve already guessed by the heading.

Tweepi is designed for Twitter, and it uses A.I to grow your audience.

You only need to spend very less time on Tweepi daily, the A.I will do the rest for you.

It automatically takes action to grow your followers.

Tweepi also enables you to focus on more strategic approaches. It provides idea’s for content creation and brand strategy.

The Artificial Intelligence of Tweepi works in the following steps:

  • It automatically adds targeted hashtags and users to the topic of your interest.
  • Tweepi surfs the Twitter searching for the best tweets and users to engage with your posts.
  • It enables you to grow your followers daily to the limit of 100.
  • Like Owlead, Tweepi makes sure to extract the relevant users only.

5. Buffer

Buffer’s prime objective is to schedule your posts.

It can post on all social media domains.

The best way to grow your audience on social media is to draw them instead of reaching out to them.

It is where content comes in handy. 

With the ability of scheduling posts, Buffer can help you save much time while getting results. 

Buffer posts according to your existing content automatically.

Confused? Let us tell you how Buffer does that:

  • Let’s assume there are five blogs on your site.
  • Now, write two tweets for every five blogs; you now have ten tweets.
  • Add these tweets to Buffer.
  • Schedule them to go live two at a time for five days.

By increasing the frequency of your Tweets, you can get maximum exposure for your content on twitter.

This frequency will increase the possibility of getting new followers.

Final Thought

By using these tools, you will increase followers.

On Twitter, these tools are like boost option on Facebook. However, they are different in terms of service and features.

Also, you must continue your effort to increase your followers on Twitter organically.

How can you do that?

Well, why didn’t you say so before? Let us give you some tips to continue your organic efforts along with paid ones:

Engage with people genuinely (H3)

You can engage with people genuinely by asking and answering questions or by being the first one to break any news.

By sharing valuable content (H3)

The focus should always be on creating and sharing relevant content. The material your audience is in search-of.

Regularly, Retweet relevant tweets (Did we just created a new tongue twister?) (H3)

Retweeting Tweets on twitter maintain a robust presence.

Also, the audience that has missed your posts would be able to see it at some point.

Gift: You can use Twitter’s advanced search functionality – it’s free!