With this post today – we hope to help you understand “What is Email Marketing?” better. We have a simple definition for you to understand what is email marketing. Email Marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that uses the power of the email to connect with your customers on a regular basis. In more elaborate words, it is an act of commercial marketing by using email which is sent typically to prospects and customers. This channel is powerful because it allows prospects to become customers, and one time buyers to become loyal raving fans! Sounds awesome you say? The very first question which I had in my mind about email marketing is, where did it begin? The first ever email, send by Ray Tomlinson was in 1971 or 1978 depending on your source. The very first email then marked a historic moment of the beginning of the modern communication era. While the first marketing email was sent by Gary Thuerk in 1978 to 400 users, promoting DEC machines. Yes! We have emails around us for about 4 decades. So email marketing is one of the original and initial forms of digital marketing. It has been around long and with everything digital, new technologies replace old. However, till this day, and after 4 decades, this is one of the most effective marketing strategies in getting the right attention from your prospects and customers. Are you also thinking that in the era of social media marketing does email marketing has any worth? It is safer to say that social media platforms can come and go, but email marketing has outlasted many social media platforms and will outlast many more to come (does anyone remember mySpace or even Google+)? What if I tell you that email marketing still ranked as the more effective marketing strategy than Social Media Marketing (SMM), you’re going to think that I have gone crazy, right? Social media is definitely a more mainstream and popular marketing strategy marketers are pursuing but this doesn’t mean that it has taken charge over email marketing. We like to think that email marketing when done right can have much better ROI and results than social media marketing. But this post is not a comparison between the two strategies. Let’s continue delving a bit deeper into email marketing. As often as social media platform advertisers would like you to believe – email marketing is not dead! In fact, as the options to engage with your customers grow with PPC, affiliate and many other forms of digital marketing, email marketing still continues to rank at the top! And if you were still on the fence – we have this below meme for you after the above chart from Smart Insights: Now you want to know why email marketing is on the forefront? Because everyone you know has at least one account and it is merely the best and most cost-effective way to make more sales online. Now here are some specific details that really highlight some of the true power features of this form of marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Email marketing is still growing strong today because 91% of consumers check their emails every day than any other communication channel. So a successful email marketing campaign can do wonders for your business.
  • On email, you own your list, and you know that no one can take that leads away from you like on other social media accounts. Because on other social media accounts you don’t know when and why your account could be suspended or deleted.
  • It is consistently a great way of reaching your potential customers by sending them emails on a daily basis. Also keeps you to stay in touch with your audience and the core customers by informing them what is going on with your business.
  • When it comes to converting prospects into customers email marketing it the way to go. It is more effective than social media and provides a high Return On Investment (ROI).
  • It is economical and cost effective as it allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers without damaging their pockets.
  • Here are a few and critical benefits of email marketing and why you absolutely must use this strategy for the online promotion of your business. This is an evergreen marketing channel which allows you to connect with your audience, promote and engage them in the right way.

    Get Help From The Experts

    If you’ve been ignoring email marketing and had no idea how to reevaluate your strategy, then don’t hesitate to call or message our team. Our digital marketers are always here to help you in developing a cost-effective email marketing strategy for your brand or business. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Let us know in comments that what email strategy keeps your readers engaged?